Friday, March 2, 2012

Carrie: A Cacophony of Contradiction and Condescension

There are three reasons I am sharing this audio:

1) The hope that people like Carrie will hear the audio and the Lord will use it to draw them to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2) The hope that my brothers and sisters in Christ will be encouraged by what they hear, and that they might draw something from the conversation that they can use in their own evangelism efforts.

3) To once again stress to my brothers and sisters in Christ the importance of carrying a recording device when engaged in any form of public evangelism. In this case, I used a free iPhone application to record the conversation.

(Note: Please check the laws in your state regarding the recording of conversations. The laws regarding audio recordings of conversations vary from state to state.)

As hostility toward the gospel and the cross of Jesus Christ grows, and as persecution of Christians in the western world intensifies, it is important that those who dare to publicly proclaim the gospel do what they can to protect themselves from false accusations. Making use of a recording devices (voice recorders and video cameras) is one small, effective way to do just that.

The day is coming when speaking about the truths of Scripture and the Lord Jesus Christ will actually cost the American Christian something--just as it already does, every day, for our Christian brethren in other parts of the world. While God is, of course, sovereign over all things--including the lives of His children (Christians); it is important that Christians exercise wisdom, discernment, and sound tactics when engaged in street evangelism. Since we can't stop proclaiming the gospel, no matter what the cost, carrying a recording device is one small way the Christians can protect themselves on the streets.

I want to let this audio speak for itself, so I won't share any written commentary at this time. The title of this blog post is the only commentary I will provide.

Carrie is my neighbor, which is to say that we live in the same neighborhood. Carrie lives about 100' away from one of the locations where I stand with my cross. By her own admission, Carrie was the person who called our neighborhood's private security company the first day I stood at the corner of her street, with my cross.

As you will quickly discern from the conversation and background noise (which can be rather loud at times), the conversation took place on a public sidewalk, next to a public street in my neighborhood.

To my Christian brethren: If you choose to comment about the audio, please make sure your speech is seasoned, as it were, with salt. While I am sure portions of this audio will cause you to chuckle and/or shake your head, please understand there is nothing funny about this conversation.

Please pray for Carrie and Matt.

If the embedded player does not work on your computer, you can listen to and/or download the audio, here.

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