Friday, March 16, 2012

Ministry Spotlight: Calgary Peacemakers

This week's ministry spotlight is the Calgary Peacemakers. Like the Norcal Seedsowers and other evangelism teams across the country, most of the Calgary Peacemakers have been through Living Waters' Ambassadors' Academy.

Calgary Peacemakers is led by Kevin St. John. The team has a biblical understanding of the responsibility of the evangelist to the local church; and the team is also committed to sending/supporting missionaries.

Last Saturday, I was blessed to spend time with a few of the Calgary Peacemakers, including Brian Godley. Brian and sixteen others joined me for open-air preaching on Third Street Promenade, last Saturday. While Brian is actively engaged in biblical evangelism, he had never before open-air preached.

With all praise and glory to God, I was blessed to have the opportunity to encourage Brian and then watch him, as we say, "break the sound barrier."

Here is Brian's first-ever open-air message.

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