Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ministry Spotlight: NorCal Seedsowers

I am blessed to know of and to, at times, work with many solid evangelism teams across the country. But there are a few that stand out to me as the best-of-the-best. Nor Cal Seedsowers is one of those teams.

The NorCal Seedsowers are, in my estimation an evangelistic "dream team." If they were a baseball team, they would be the Los Angeles Dodgers playing the all-star Little League team in your community. The NorCal Seedsowers have so many good players on their team.

Most of those who are part of the NorCal Seedsowers have attended the Ambassadors' Academy. Team members include, among others: Dan Beaudoin, John And Nancy Murphy, Jared Duba, Dena Galang, James Bynum, and Don Harman.

The NorCal Seedsowers is a team that fires on all cylinders: mall evangelism, open-air preaching, sketch board evangelism, Project Ezra, parades and special event evangelism, evangelism training, blogging, and filming.

The NorCal Seedsowers team is making Christ known and proclaiming Christ crucified to the lost of the greater San Jose, CA, area.

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