Friday, March 2, 2012

Praying Code-3

This story was written on October 20, 2008, and is reprinted from another blog.

"64 the handle. 64-Adam the assist. 211-now. 23645 Main St. Bank of America. 64 and 64-Adam, respond code-3."

"64 code-3 in 2, 64."

"64-Adam code-3 in 3, 64-Adam."

There's nothing like rolling code-3. There's not a roller coaster in existence that matches the adrenalin rush of heading to a priority call, with lights and siren activated.

And what about you? What do you think when you see a patrol car, fire truck, or ambulance in your rear view mirror, coming toward you at a very high rate of speed? Does your heart skip a beat? Come on. Admit it. You start to breathe a little heavier, and your pulse quickens.

But do you pray?

Do you pray for those officers who are rushing to a domestic violence call or a crime in progress? Do you pray, right then and there, for the firefighters and paramedics who are rushing to a medical emergency, fire, or traffic collision?

While you may not be able to roll code-3 like a first responder, you can certainly pray code-3. And that's exactly what I am challenging you to do.

Whenever you see first responders rolling code-3, please stop what your doing (if practical and safe) and pray. Or whenever you come across a scene in which first responders are present, stop what you are doing and pray.

Pray for their safe travel. Pray also for the safety of other motorists and pedestrians in their path.

Pray that the Lord gives them wisdom, discernment, courage, and compassion beyond measure as they enter situations ranging from the mundane to the horrific.

Pray that the Lord would use the critical incident to draw the first responders and the civilians involved to either a closer walk with Christ (if they are saved) or to contemplate their eternal destination as they are forced to face (or at least consider) their own mortality.

Pray that there would be someone on-scene to proclaim the Law and the Gospel to them. Pray that the person who heralds that message might be you.

Pray as the Holy Spirit leads.

In addition to praying, keep you car stocked with tracts and other resources so that if you stop at the scene (again, if it is practical and safe), you can minister to those who are present.

So, I hope you will join me in Praying Code-3 for the first responder community and those they serve during critical incidents.

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