Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Response from Mr. Taggart Lee

Yesterday I posted an email exchange I had with Mr. Taggart Lee, a teacher at Canyon High School.

I awoke this morning to find the following email in my inbox:
Mr. Miano,

I am a bit embarrassed in having to write you, but it has come to my attention that an email was sent out from my computer station Monday somehow using my email address. My work area is an open one as I teach photography and filmmaking and am often in different parts of the building/studio away from my desk. Apparently I left my email on and open and in doing so, either an aide or student was able to access my account, and sent you the email to which you and yours are referring. You have quite a following BTW!!! :)

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and while I remain neutral and do not wish to receive further correspondence; as a fellow filmmaker, I wish you well and good luck in your endeavors

Kindest Regards,
Taggart Lee
I responded with the following:
Mr. Lee,

Needless to say, this was not the type of response I expected from you after the first email I received. I will certainly give you the benefit of the doubt and will let our readers know to do the same. I will certainly honor your request not to receive further emails from me.

Thank you for writing.
While, as I stated in my response to Mr. Lee, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, there are a couple things worth noting.

Mr. Lee (or whoever was on his computer) said in his first email that he was a "former clinic defender." Since there are no abortion mills in the City of Santa Clarita (at least none that I can find), and since Mr. Lee used the word "former" in his description, this is not a case of a mischievous student playing with a teacher's open computer work station. Whoever wrote the email was, at the very least, an adult--most likely another teacher.

While I assured Mr. Lee I would not email him again, I will leave it up to you what you will do with this new information. I suggest taking the higher ground and giving him the benefit of the doubt. If Mr. Lee did write the email, his most recent response, at the very least, indicates he is crying "uncle!"

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