Friday, March 2, 2012

Seat Belts

This story was written on July 16, 2009, and is reprinted from another blog.

I will be heading out to Avenida Entrana within the hour. It's going to be another hour carrying the cross in over 100-degree heat. But before I go, I thought I should give a quick report about yesterday's effort.

I spent about 90 minutes on the corner, yesterday. I went a little earlier in the day and quickly noticed a difference in the demographics of the traffic travelling up and down Lyons Avenue. The motorists seemed younger than usual. And with the more youthful motorists came an increase in heckling. I also received my first one-finger wave and expletives.

Two young men walking across the street from the opposite side yelled, "I'm ready for hell!"

"No you're not! You have no idea what hell is like! Come on over here and let's talk about it!"

I think they were surprised to hear me respond. Unfortunately, they didn't take me up on my offer.

Not long after I arrived, a teacher/coach from one of our local high schools walked to my corner. He shook my hand and thanked me for being out there. As he walked away, I thanked the Lord for the encouragement.

Since presently my time to write is short, I will close with an observation.

As cars came to a stop at the light on Avenida Entrana, I noticed several people take one look at the cross, let a slight frown appear on their faces, and then buckle their seat belts. I thought nothing of it the first time I saw it happen. But when it happened more than once, I couldn't help but wonder if the sight of the cross brought about enough conviction over breaking civil law for them to think to buckle up. Of course, this is speculation on my part; but it is an interesting thing to consider.

I wonder what the Lord has in store for me this afternoon.

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