Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crosswalk Beginnings: Mike Peek

"Crosswalk Beginnings" is a new series. In this series, brothers and sisters in Christ, from around the world share their testimonies of how they started carrying an "Are You Ready?"-type cross on the streets, of their communities. The testimony of Mike Peek, is the first in this series.

If you carry an "Are You Ready?"-type cross, and would like to share the story of how and why you got started, please email me your testimony. And please include a picture of either your cross, or you carrying your cross.

My name is Mike Peek I live in a small town next to Tyler, TX.

Sometime this past year I read a blog post by you titled, "Why I carry a Cross." The Lord used that article to move me. I have progressed in evangelism through one-on-one witnessing, using the WOTM, and handing out of gospel tracts; but the Spirit was stirring within me, for me to do more in spreading His gospel. So I went out and bought the materials, made a cross, stained it; then I made a mistake, I told my friends and family what I planned to do with the cross.

After much discouragement, the cross sat in my garage unused. The morning of 1/29/2012, I saw a facebook post by Shawn Hole and how he and his brothers had been attacked while open air preaching in Nepal; and here I am in church singing “I surrender all to You.” I knew I wasn't surrendering all, and I could stand it no longer.

I told my church through a blog that I was going to do just that and my pastor, to my surprise, was supportive. After much prayer, I set out. I would continue with one-on-one witnessing and passing out of tracts everywhere I go. But, in addition to that, I would do something purposeful at least once a week to evangelize our community for Christ.

There sat that cross in my garage unused. So, I set out that week with the cross and stood at the corner of Rice and Broadway, in Tyler, Texas, for one hour. I knew it was the right thing to do.

I have now been out a minimum of once a week since that day. I did not put ‘Are You Ready’ on the cross because I figured "that’s Tony’s." I need to come up with my own. So, on my cross I have "Jesus" on the left of the main beam and "Christ" on the Right. Down the main beam, "Mercy Seat." This is in direct reference to Romans 3:24-25, which I think is the most important passage in all of Scripture.

Yesterday, while out with the cross, I was talking with God and thinking about how I could talk with more people. It occurred to me that the question "Are You Ready?" is a great conversation starter.

I plan on doing something I have never done before. I plan, God willing to go down to the Smith County court house in Tyler, Texas, on the sidewalk, on the morning of good Friday, as people are coming to court. I am going to read John 19 (the trial and crucifixion our Lord Jesus Christ), and then preach the law and the gospel. It will be my first open-air.

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