Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gospel Tracts: How Much is One Soul Worth to You? (Part 2)

Yesterday, I shared with you the email I received from a young lady who found a gospel tract during a local "Concert in the Park." I answered her questions in a reply email. This morning, I opened my email to find this"

Never heard this before. No, I had never repented of my sins, and placed my trust in Jesus alone. I didn't know I needed to, because I hadn't been taught that way. I thought salvation was through works. Thank you for explaining it to me!

I was on my way to Hell. Yes, I was trusting in my good works to save me, and the simple acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as God. I NEVER saw these Scriptures in the Bible, for all my years of reading them.

Trying to do good works, is like checking off a list...did I do enough today? You always feel like you can't do enough, and that would be right! You can't do enough "good" things!

Well, that changed this morning. I turned from my sin, and placed my trust in Jesus Christ alone! It makes total sense. I cried over my sin, and turned my back on my sin.

Wow, didn't even realize how much of a sinner I was..until today! Truth is, I see now that I was under bondage of my sin. I don't feel like that anymore. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, that I didn't know I had!!!

Who'd of thought, that a crinkled up piece of paper that I almost threw away, because I thought it was trash....ended up being a tract, which led to your website...would end up with me TRULY being saved!!! Praise God. :) Keep passing out those tracts! And DON'T let anyone tell you it's NOT worth it. A crinkled piece of paper with a soul- saving message! You never know who might find one, and be led to the Truth. I'm Eternally grateful! Oh, I cry at the thought of it!!!

You seem familiar. Are you out and about alot handing out tracts? I think I've heard your name before.

God bless you. Now TRULY, your sister in Christ
Be encouraged, my Christian brethren! God is mighty to save! God is sovereign! And God uses gospel tracts to accomplish His loving work in people's lives!

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