Friday, September 14, 2012

An Agnostic, a Catholic, a Lesbian, and an Inquisitive Girl

Sep 14, 2012 | At the Valencia Town Center with Mahria, Peter, and our evangelism table. by TonyCrosswalk on

They were all about 17-years-old. They all had questions. As the title of this post asserts, they were all very different people. For over an hour I reasoned with them and shared the law and the gospel with them.

Justin was the agnostic who prided himself as an intellectual. Christian was the Catholic who relied on his religion and his chosen set of beliefs. Lian was the self-professed Lesbian who was not comfortable with her sexuality. And Chelle was the quiet, inquisitive young lady who asked questions with a great deal of gentleness and sincerity.

Join me. Be a fly on the wall, as I engage these four young people in what I believe was a remarkable conversation--one that left all four of them thinking.

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