Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CARM Introduces New 'Street Preaching' Section

For several weeks I have been writing articles for a new section on the CARM website. The section is simply titled: Street Preaching. I wrote the following introduction for the section:
Street preaching is as old as the Bible itself. Street preaching has never been popular, either inside or outside the church. Open-air preaching and street evangelism has never been culturally relevant or socially acceptable. But street preaching is biblical. Below are articles that explain what street evangelism in its various forms is, and what it is not. You will find articles that will equip and encourage you to engage in street evangelism and open-air preaching. And you will find articles dealing with issues regarding street preaching and providing answers for those issues.
There are many websites that talk about street preaching. Some are very good. Others are not. My hope as the contributor to this new section of the CARM website is to provide concise, relevant, theological, and practical support to street preachers of every level of experience.

The Street Preaching section of the CARM website consists of a number of categories; the list will expand over time. For instance, one of the categories is Issues and Answers. In this category, I will address both common and uncommon objections to street preaching. In the first article in this section I address a pastor's misuse of Colossians 4:5 in his attempt to discredit open-air preaching.

The Street Preaching section will include in-depth training articles to help the open-air preacher hone his craft, as well as short articles and videos providing quick tips to help street preachers improve specific areas of their open-air preaching.

If you have suggestions for additional content to the CARM Street Preaching section, please email me at:

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