Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Right Given by Men or a Command Given by God?

For decades now, Christians have been taught be weak pastors in weak churches that they must earn the right to share the gospel with unbelievers -- a philosophy of men found nowhere in the Word of God. The result: a generation of Christians who cower, fearful of upsetting unbelievers -- a generation of Christians who defer to the wishes of God-hating lost people instead of obeying the clear command of their King to proclaim the gospel to every person.

If you believe you must earn the right from the lost or be given the right by the lost to share the gospel with the lost, then you should examine yourself to see whose side you are really on. God may see you as an enemy combatant and not a soldier of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is not a right given by men or governments. It is a command given by God. Who you obey is who you serve. Who you serve is who you love. Who you love is who you worship. And who you worship is your God (or god).

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