Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission: Norway


Tomorrow, January 8, marks the beginning of what might very well be the most important mission trip I've every made. I am going to Norway (January 8-20).

Norway is a "First World" nation, which is very affluent. Cost of living, median income, and taxes are very high in Norway. I've been told a "Big Mac Combo" could cost as much as $20 US. A simple haircut in a barber shop could cost as much as $70 US. Even though Norway's vast wealth is due, in large part, to the nation's production of oil, gas runs more than $10 US per gallon.

The literacy rate is said to be 100%.

Norway may be on the cusp of a spiritual reformation. God's remnant, the Lord's bride in Norway, is awakening to the dire spiritual condition of her country. There are small pockets of small churches (Lutheran and independent) and house fellowships that hold to the Word of God as their final authority and preach the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ.

My host and friend, Bjorn Storm Johansen, is a leader of one of these small pockets of light. Bjorn's home in Vigrestad will be my base camp during this mission trip. I found it interesting to learn that the name "Vigrestad" is a compound Norwegian word that literally means "Battle Place." Oh, the irony. Oh, the significance!

By and large, the Church of Norway (Lutheran) has abandoned the faith, and is now wearing the unclean garments of dead tradition, various "seeker" church models, and the aberrant "Signs and Wonders" movement.

95% of Norwegians claim to be Christian. Yet only 3% of those who profess Christ attend church on Sundays, with an even smaller percentage truly being born again followers of Christ.

To read and carry the Bible is considered odd by Norwegian "Christians." My friend and mission partner, Shane Sands, was asked one-day if he was a Jehovah's Witness. When Shane asked why the people asked the question, he was told that only Jehovah's witnesses read and carry the Bible.

The leadership of one seeker-driven church's youth group has told their young people they need not read the Bible. All they have to do is say the name of Jesus. They needn't worry about sharing the gospel with people. All they have to do is say the name of Jesus.

The Muslim presence in Norway is growing day-by-day. And make no mistake. Muslims who assert their religion is a religion of peace are false converts to Islam. Sadly, it is the true converts of Islam (militant jihadists) who are establishing a foothold in Norway, especially in the capitol city of Oslo.

We have reason to believe that Muslims living in the Vigrestad area have begun monitoring Christian evangelism activities.


This itinerary does not include times of open-air preaching and street evangelism during the trip.

Tuesday, Jan 8 – Wednesday, Jan 9

Travel to Norway

Thursday, Jan 10

“Back to the Word and Preaching” Conference (Jan 10-13, 2013)
Holmavatn Youth and Mission Center
Varhaug, Norway

1800 Arrival

1900 Dinner

2000 Meeting (Michael Morrow and Don Currin)

2200 Fellowship

Friday, Jan 11

“Back to the Word and Preaching” Conference

0800 Breakfast

0930 Bible Class (Micheal/Don)

1200 Lunch

1315 Seminar: “What Is Expository Preaching?” – Selected Verses Tony)

1500 Bible Class (Michael/Don)

1630 Seminar: “Night Is Coming!” – John 9:4 (Tony)

1800 Dinner

2030 Bible Class (Michael/Don)

2200 Fellowship

Saturday, Jan 12

“Back to the Word and Preaching” Conference

0800 Breakfast

0930 Bible Class (Michael/Don)

1200 Lunch

1315 Seminar: “What Is Biblical Evangelism?” – Selected Verses (Tony)

1500 Q&A (Michael/Don)

1630 Seminar: “Open-Air Preaching” – Selected Verses (Tony)

1800 Dinner

2030 Bible Class (Michael/Don)

2200 Fellowship

Sunday, Jan 13

“Back to the Word and Preaching” Conference

1000 Breakfast

1100 Bible Class (Michael/Don)

1300 Dinner

1400 Conference Ends

Monday, Jan 14

Evening: "The Most Important Word in the Bible" – Romans 3:21-26 (local church)

Tuesday, Jan 15

Morning: "Have You Left the Love You Had At First” – Revelation 2:1-7 (Area Leaders in the Church of Norway)

Afternoon: “Him We Proclaim” – Colossians 1:28-29 (Prayer Group)

Evening: "Marks of a False Convert” – Selected Passages (Local Church)

Wednesday, Jan 16

To Be Determined

Thursday, Jan 17

Morning: Meeting with area leaders of the Church of Norway

Evening: "Do Not Fear Evangelism” – Matthew 10:26-31 (Home Church)

Friday, Jan 18

Evening: "A Life Worthy of the Gospel" – Philippians 1:27-30 (Home Church)

Saturday, Jan 19

Evening: “Who Gets the Glory in Your Story?” – Acts 26 (Seeker-Driven Youth Church)

Sunday, Jan 20

Travel Home

Video Blog

I am going to do my best to post a video journal every day, during my mission trip to Norway. There may be a few days early on when my Internet access will be limited. But I will make videos journals every day and post them as soon as I can.

You can join me on this journey by watching my video journals on my YouTube page, thelawman104.


Would you please join me in prayer, during my trip to Norway? Would you please commit to following the above itinerary and praying specifically and intentionally each day?

Would you please pray for a reformation and a great awakening to overtake for Norway? Please pray for an authentic move of the Holy Spirit, with repentance taking place first in the church and then throughout Norway.

As you can see by the above itinerary, I will preach no less than 11 sermons in 10 days. Add to that any open-air preaching and the public reading of Scripture. And add to that the many conversations I will have with Norwegian pastors, leaders, and laymen. Please pray the Lord allows my voice to withstand the rigors of this trip. Please pray the Lord will give me wisdom and discernment to guard the instrument he has given me.

Please pray for traveling mercies to and from Norway, as well as the daily travel while I am in Norway.

Please pray the Lord will allow me to have good health and strength while I am in Norway.

Please pray for Mahria, Michelle, Marissa, and Amanda while I am gone? The hardest part of every mission trip, regardless of the length or distance, is leaving my four precious ladies. Pray for them daily, as the Lord leads.

If you will commit to covering me and my family in prayer while I am in Norway, please let me know with an email to:

In Closing

I deserve nothing from the Lord. This mission trip to Norway is a gift from God.

This mission trip is a huge personal undertaking for me. The significance of this trip and the weight of responsibility it brings is not lost on me. I will only be up to this task if I cling to Christ every moment of every day, and if the Holy Spirit who indwells me gives me the strength, courage, and love to serve as one of God's heralds in a distant land. While I have no confidence in myself. I have confidence in Christ. For I am crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me.

Thank you.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me during the several months leading up to this trip.

Thank you to those of you who gave financially to make this trip possible.

Thank you to those of you who have given very practical gifts of warm clothing suitable for winter in Norway.

Thank you to my pastor and church family for sending me off during yesterday's Sunday morning services, with prayer.

God bless you all!

Lord willing, I will return home to my family, my church, and my mission field in Southern California, on January 20.

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