Monday, January 28, 2013

"Should I Refer Women to Catholic Pregnancy Centers?"

A dear friend of mine asked me the following question:
"I've found an abortion clinic in our area where we can minister. There are two Christian pregnancy centers several miles away, but a catholic pregnancy center directly across the street from the abortion clinic. Where would you refer the women too, and why? Thanks in advance for your insight."
And here's my answer:
"If I were shot in the line of duty, I would want to be taken to the closest trauma center that would give me the best hope of survival. Once I was stabilized, then I would asked to be transferred to a hospital closer to home.

"Considering the urgency of the situation, I would share the gospel with the woman as I'm putting literature in her hand along with contact information for me and my church, as I walked her across the street to the Catholic no-kill center. And then I would trust her soul to the sovereignty of God."
Another friend who is far more experienced than I am in abortuary ministry had this to add:
"I agree with Tony. Besides, I can almost guarantee the counsel a momma will receive at a Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Center will be virtually the same as at a supposedly 'Christian' Crisis Pregnancy Center. Both will be humanistic non-directive, therapeutic 'options' counseling."
While my friend's assessment of the lack of gospel ministry and biblical counseling doesn't apply to every Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers (I know of one in particular that shares a biblical gospel with its clients), it does apply to far too many. Be that as it may, the appropriate protocol in the scenario described by my friend is to: 1) save the life of the unborn child while ministering to the soul of the unsaved mother with the law and the gospel of Jesus Christ; 2) get the mother to a Crisis Pregnancy Center for counsel and support as soon as practical. If that means walking her across the street to the Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Center where he she will not receive counsel based on the true gospel of Jesus Christ, so be it. This is why it is so important to have solid, biblical gospel literature with you whenever you minister outside of killing places like Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Associates.


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