Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bethel Church (Redding) Cult Infecting Norway

I thank God for the technology that allows me to have real-time fellowship and prayer with brethren from around the world!

A short while ago, I spent an hour on Skype with me dear brother in Christ, Bjorn Storm-Johansen. Bjorn is my primary contact in Norway and is the one who made my recent trip to Norway possible.

What I am about to share I share with his permission.

Bjorn found out today that he was fired from his position (itinerant preacher/minister) in the independent Lutheran organization with which he served. The official reason given was the present financial condition of the organization.

However, Bjorn's release also coincides with the organization's decision to continue to partner and support the Bethel Church cult in Redding, CA, and Imi Church in Stavanger, Norway, which models itself after Bethel Church.

While I was in Norway, I preached strongly against the Bethel Church cult, warning both churches and organization leaders to disassociate with those who promote false teaching. It seemed as though the tide had turned away from error and toward truth. Sadly, however, the organization flip-flopped and has decided to continue it's association with false teachers and false churches.

Bjorn is leading a Reformed Baptist home church (1689 Baptist Confession). Please pray for Bjorn as he sounds the trumpet, warning the Norwegian Church about wolves in her midst.

Pray also for our conference next year in Norway, which will focus on the Holiness of God. Paul Washer will be joining us as one of the featured speakers.

There is MUCH work to do in Norway. The Bride of Christ is literally starving for sound teaching from her own countrymen. Islam is taking an uncontested foothold in the capitol. And the Norwegian State Lutheran Church is little more than a dead relic of its former self.

I can't wait to get back there in January to serve alongside my brother Bjorn and the beautiful Bride of Christ that is struggling to survive.

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