Monday, April 1, 2013

Pray for Atheists Day: A Better Use of April 1

Today is April 1. While time and lack of necessity precludes me from explaining the history behind the holiday, today is referred to around the world as "April Fools Day." It is a day when people choose to make fools of their friends and strangers through jokes and pranks.

Many Christians use the day to mock professing atheists, using Psalm 14:1-3 as the anthem for the mockery. While Psalm 14:1-3 is true (all of God's Word is true), this morning I awoke with a conviction on my heart--a conviction that I have used the passage on this day, in years past, in a sinful way. I have used it to mock my neighbor and not to love my neighbor.

So, I would like to apologize to every atheist (friend and foe alike) who I have mocked in the past, on this day. I apologize for joining the sinful banter among some Christians (particularly evangelists) who dub April 1 "National Atheist Day."

So, instead of commemorating today with a mocking tone as "National Atheist Day," I would like to begin a new, more biblical tradition. From now on, starting today, I will commemorate this day as "Pray for Atheists Day." Today I will remember atheists in my prayers--from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris to the anonymous person who leaves unrepeatable comments on my blog.

I know a number of atheists read this blog. You are all in my prayers.

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