Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soup Du Jour (5/11/13)

Don is now Dawn and donning a dress. "Back to you Dawn or, um, Don". "Dawn Stacey Ennis, formerly known as Don, surprised her colleagues at ABC News head quarters in Manhattan when she arrived in brown locks and a dress to declare her new identity. The 49-year-old journalist is leaving her wife of 17-years and their three children to make the complete transition into living as a woman."

The brilliance of the Creator. "The ubiquitous greater wax moth is ordinary in every way but one: It has the ability to hear the highest-known sound frequency. The greater wax moth's hearing goes up to about 300 kilohertz, nearly 100 kHz higher than the hearing of some bats."

Giving thanks from whom all blessings flow. "Canepa said the men prayed in the ship’s chapel for an hour after being picked up from their 14-foot aluminum skiff, and his crew gave them new clothes and toiletries."

Sye Ten Bruggencate on this week's edition of Cross Encounters Radio. Sye will be on for the full two hours to talk about his new film, "How To Answer The Fool."

Students fight back to save Ten Commandments. "Hundreds of Christians in a small Oklahoma town have decided to draw a line in the sand and fight back against a national association of atheist and agnostics who want displays of the Ten Commandments removed from local schools."

Future Punishment: The Universalist Refuted by Archibald Alexander. "No benevolent being delights in the suffering of others—for its own sake. But it is one of the clearest dictates of reason, that sin should be visited with punishment."

Pic of the Day.

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