Sunday, May 12, 2013

Soup Du Jour (5/12/13)

Mother's Day shopping. - Some men shouldn't be allowed to shop alone. Wait. He wasn't alone.

Charles Hodge: For Whom Did Christ Die? - "This is a question between Augustinians and Anti-Augustinians. The former believing that God from all eternity having elected some to everlasting life, had a special reference to their salvation in the mission and work of his Son. The latter, denying that there has been any such election of a part of the human family to salvation, maintain that the mission and work of Christ had an equal reference to all mankind."

ESPN's Jason Stark reminds us all why baseball is the!

Not A Victim. - For anyone who believes women who have abortions are victims, you must watch this video by my friend, Allen Peek.

Sometimes human depravity is, well, just stupid. - "It's an unfortunate lack of wisdom in this particular judgment that hopefully will never occur again," Shoemaker said.

"We don't have monster in our blood." - The words of the daughter of Ariel Castro. While I understand what she means, the reality is that every human being has "monster" in their blood. It's called a sinful nature.

"Church": Gangnam Style. - Oh, this isn't Psy's fault. These are simply examples of "churches" loving the world more than Christ. These "Christians" are responsible for their own behavior before God. Psy is not responsible for their blaspheme of Christ.

Pic of the Day: My friend, John Howard's, puppy "Mattox."

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