Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cross Encounters – Week in Review

Cross Encounters Radio

Phil Johnson of Grace toYou, the radio ministry of Pastor John MacArthur, was a guest on Cross Encounters Radio. Tony and Phil discussed the upcoming "Strange Fire" conference.

Latifah Phillips of Page CXVI also appeared on the show. Tifah explained about the group's efforts to modernize the church's most beloved hymns.

You can listen to the podcast of the show here: Cross Encounters Radio

Cross Encounters News

On Cross Encounters News, Tony commented on a recent Australian commercial  promoting same-sex marriage titled, “You’re Having a Lesbian.” 
Cross Encounters News (CEN), a fast-paced, 30-minute program during which Tony takes a look at a current news item through the lens of the Christian worldview, is on hiatus until Tony returns from the Wimbledon Outreach in London. CEN will be returning in July at a new time. More details to come.


This week Tony began a new video series called “E-Tracts.” These videos, each of which will be in the 5-minute range, are designed to present the law and gospel in a relatively short and succinct manner—much like a gospel tract.

The first two videos in the series are: “i-Sin” and “Caught on Camera” 

These are also available in Audio only at Pulpitand Streets
New Gospel Tract

Tony wrote a new gospel tract for One Million Tracts, which is now available for purchase, titled “iSin” 

All nine of the tracts Tony has written for One Million Tracts are available under a special section of the store called “Tracts by Tony.”

“Should She Preach”

This week, Tony finished the first draft of "Should She Preach? – Biblical Evangelism for Women." The draft is now in the hands of the Peer Review Team (18 men and 5 women).

The book will include several interviews with pastors regarding the book’s topic. Pastors who have thus far agreed to be interviewed include: Phil Johnson (Grace to You, the radio Ministry of Pastor John MacArthur), Pastor Steve Camp (The Cross Church), Pastor Tom Drion (Grace Life London), Pastor Geoff Kirkland (Christ Fellowship Bible Church) and Pastor Michael Morrow (Union Baptist Church).

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