Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wimbledon and Cross Encounters - Week in Review

Cross Encounters Radio
Last Sunday's guest was Pastor Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries. Andrew shared about the upcoming Jersey Fire conference and stuck around to give a Pastor's perspective on the 'Superman Sermon Series' being conducted by many churches across the country. Chris Hohnholz gave some very insightful and Bible based reasons as to why "The Man of Steel" is an unneeded and even unbiblical preaching methodology.

Cross Encounters Radio: Andrew Rappaport of Jersey Fire


Tony began a new video series then called “V-Tracts.” These videos, each of which will be in the 5-minute range, are designed to present the law and gospel in a relatively short and succinct manner—much like a gospel tract. We hope this will help in your online evangelism efforts.

You can find all of them listed on Tony's YouTube Channel under the playlist V-Tracts

They are also available in Audio at the Pulpit and Streets Sermon Audio page.
Wimbledon Outreach 2013

Tony is in London to take part in Sports Fan Outreach International's 'Wimbledon Outreach 2013'. This will be the first part of a grueling traveling schedule for Tony over the next few months. Please keep all the team members and their families in your prayers. 

Videos of this week's Open Air Preaching on the streets of London: "Bob Marley, Muhammad, and the Pope" "The Glory of God" "It Didn't Go As Adam Planned" and "Teen Offers to Sell Street Preacher Heroin"   

You can listen to Audios of preaching from 'Mission Wimbledon 2013' on the Pulpit and Streets page at Sermon Audio under the series heading  Wimbledon Outreach.

Video Journal postings from the trip. Mission Wimbledon 2013: Tony Miano Video Journal

This week's Photo Journal pictures from Wimbledon 2013 .
Cross Encounters Photo Journal: Wimbledon Outreach 2013 

It's been a busy week!

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