Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tony Miano - Week in Review

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"Takin' Youth Min to the Woodshed" Tony explains what's wrong with the "Candyman" mentality of most youth ministries and the sugar coated false conversions it generates. New segment aired "Bad Tweets", this one featured one by none other than Joyce Meyer herself. Update on "Should She Preach" and Tony answers a listener's question, "Can a person know they are not part of God’s Elect?" Listen to learn how you can help make "Take Up The Shield" available for readers all around the world.

"Are You Prepared for Persecution?" Chris 'Chat-Man' Hohnholz and Rich 'Wheels' Story discuss the changes in our current culture that indicate persecution of the faithful may be on the horizon. What should Christians do to be ready? Also, while persecution is coming from without, what about attacks within the body? Are Christians guilty of biting and devouring one another when we should be about preaching the gospel? Tune in to learn how we should treat on another when we differ on important doctrines.

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Tony Miano has posted a new video in the V-Tract series. In this one titled, "Ryan Braun" Tony uses the admission of this Major League baseball player's use of PED's as a transition to the law and gospel.

Wimbledon and Calgary Updates

After returning from London and Sports Fan Outreach International's 'Wimbledon Outreach 2013' Tony didn't slow down. In less than a few days he was off to the  Calgary Stampede Outreach. You can view open air videos from the trip, plus the Baptism of Alysha St. John. Calgary Stampede 2013

Videos from London: 'The Futility of Self-Imposed Ignorance' 'Arrested for Hate Speech in Wimbledon' 'The Idol of Reputation' and Tony shares the testimony of his arrest and how he saw the Lord working during his time in jail, 'Tony Preaches at Woolwich Evangelical Church'

Transcript of Tony's arrest and his letter to Parliament can be found on this blog. The House of Lords talked about the letter during a debate regarding same sex marriage. You can view the discussion at the 4 hour 20 minute mark. 'Same-Sex Debate

Would you believe many of them wrote back to Tony? Read the Parliamentary Responses.

Tony Miano's arrest and interrogation have been picked up and covered by multiple international news and media outlets. Some of these include; Todd Starnes (Fox News Religion Correspondent), Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, Cape Town, South Africa's Radio Tygerberg, Los Angeles California's KKLA's Intersection of Faith and Reason with Frank Sontag, Wretched TV on the NRB Network and Wretched Radio with Todd Friel.

Audios of preaching from 'Mission Wimbledon 2013' can be found on the Pulpit and Streets page at Sermon Audio under the series heading  Wimbledon Outreach.

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