Friday, August 23, 2013

Slaying Friendship Evangelism

Friendship Evangelism as it is most often practiced, is neither friendship nor evangelism. Far too often it's more about the believer than it's about Jesus Christ. What happens to the "friend" if they die in their sins before you decide the time is right to share the gospel with them?

Waiting for an unbeliever to give you permission to share the gospel, which Jesus Christ has already commanded you to do, is asking a criminal (a violator of God's Moral Law) if you can obey The Lord and Savior, which is blasphemy against God Almighty.

It's time to end this tool of Satan which has deceived many unwitting Christians and become another man made tradition of Modern American Evangelicalism.

You can listen to the sermon here: Slaying Friendship Evangelism

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  1. I have spoken with representatives at three crisis pregnancy center one in Shreveport, La., one in Texarkana, Tx and one in Lake Worth, Tx. These businesses claim to be Christian organization. When I asked if they shared the Gospel with the women who sought there services I was told by each one, almost verbatim, that they will ask the client if they can do so. This video needs to be seen by everyone who works at these clinics. Unfortunately, they are too afraid of losing their "exempt tax status". Can I ask, where does their treasure lie?


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