Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I Support Pastor Chuck O'Neal and Beaverton Grace Bible Church

Pastor Chuck O'Neal and the Beaverton Grace Bible Church family are my friends. They are family to me. The five years of blogosphere terrorism to which they have been subjected to by some is unconscionable. Sadly, the ungodly attack by some has been so concerted, conniving, loveless, twisted, and deceptively convincing that some otherwise very reputable men of God have been misled to believe their unholy rantings.

And now, because I refuse to keep silent about my support and love for Pastor Chuck O'Neal and the Beaverton Grace Bible Church family, the revilers will turn their sights on me. That's okay. Pharisaical efforts like the one to which Pastor Chuck and BGBC has been subjected usually find very little good to say about anyone. Men like Voddie Baucham are on their hit list, too. So, I will find myself in good company.

Then again, not even God and His Word are safe from attacks from those who profess to know Him, but clearly don't. One reviler, claiming to be a follower of Christ, compares Christian Patriarchy to the Muslim Brotherhood. Such hatred for God and His design for men and women--spiritual equality and dignity while fulfilling distinctly different roles--is not the behavior of Christians.

One who chooses to write about pharisaical cloisters of false converts finds himself in a catch-22, on the side of the blade of a double-edged sword, a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" position. Some will say, and rightly so, "You are fueling what motivates their hearts and minds to attack Christians--attention." Others will say, "Don't give them the time of day. You're playing into their hands. Now, they will write about you writing about them and relish in the false martyrdom their haughty spirits contrive in their hearts and minds."

I understand the above concerns. Believe me, I've considered them. But my friends are being attacked. People I care about and love as brothers and sisters are being viciously and wrongly maligned. To say and do nothing while claiming to support them, while claiming to "be there" for them, would be to violate my conscience and to violate what I believe the Word of God teaches about true friendship.

So, here I stand. I stand beside Pastor Chuck O'Neal and Beaverton Grace Bible Church.

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