Thursday, September 19, 2013

Articles I've Read (Sept 19, 2013)

1. Pastor Jesse Johnson has written a wonderful tribute to Marty Bodrog in his article, One of the Twelve.

2. Arresting open-air preachers is becoming a sport for law enforcement in the United Kingdom. Yesterday, my good friend Pastor Josh Williamson was arrested while preaching in Perth, Scotland. He recounts what happened in his article, Arrested for Preaching the Gospel!

3. This overview of Pope Francis's recent 12,000-word, pre-publication approved article with an Italian publication is yet another example of why this pope, like every other in recent memory, should be seen as an antichrist. The article, Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion, was an interesting read.

4. John Patton, director of admissions at Covenant Theological Seminary, wrote a touching and instructive article on the Gospel Coalition blog. In How to Mourn with the Parents of Stillborn and Miscarried Children, Patton shares his own testimony of the loss of his daughter Emma and the grace of God. He also provides several succinct and helpful suggestions for ministering to those who experience the tragedy of a miscarried or stillborn child.

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