Monday, September 23, 2013

Articles I've Read (Sept 23, 2013)

Below are articles I have read this morning.

1. Tim Challies offers his review of the video game, "GTA V," in his article, The Greatest Entertainment Launch in History. Do not let the title fool you. Challies's position is not that the game is "great." What troubled me while reading Challies's article was the reoccurring thought that there are likely many Christian men who will justify playing the game.

2. My good friend, Pastor Josh Williamson of Craigie Reformed Baptist Church (Perth, Scotland), is the latest in a series of arrests of street preachers, in the United Kingdom. In Perth Preacher May Face Charges, one of many articles about Josh's arrest, reporter Richard Burdge gives a synopsis of the incident.

3. My friend, Paul Latour, an evangelist and bus driver in Ottawa, has written a wonderful article, The Gospel in the Midst of Tragedy. The article chronicles Paul's efforts to bring the gospel to lost and hurting people in the wake of a tragic collision between a bus and a train.

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