Thursday, September 19, 2013

Richard Story: Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries

For more than a year, now, Richard Story has served as my right-hand man in this fledgling ministry. Together, we hit the ground running and haven't stopped or looked back once. Overt time, Rich began to assume more responsibilities and fulfill more roles. Over the last few months, especially as we've worked together in the publication of my second book, Should She Preach? - Biblical Evangelism for Women, I started to realize that Rich was serving as more than an assistant. He was taking initiative, not waiting to be asked to do things, and making good suggestions about improving, adapting, streamlining aspects of ministry.

While Rich isn't looking for a title, I think it's important to recognize his sacrificial, exceptional, and godly service by giving him one. Henceforth, Richard Story is the new (and first) Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries. Rich has volunteered all of his time and energy these last 14 months. So, I think it is fitting that I double his salary from the standard pay of a volunteer to a manager who doesn't get paid.

All kidding aside, I don't know where this ministry would be if Rich hadn't come along right when he did. Finding myself thrust into full-time evangelistic ministry and needing to raise the financial support necessary to keep me in the field full-time, was to find myself in a lonely place with a daunting task ahead of me. Rich had already been my good friend for sometime, prior to last January. But the Lord brought us together as partners in ministry at the perfect time--perfect time at least for me, anyway.

As Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries, Rich's responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Maintaining my ministry calendar

Vetting and answering/accepting/declining all speaking, interview, and travel requests

Maintaining the minstry's various email accounts

Maintaining and updating the Pulpit and Streets Sermon Audio page

Maintaining and updating my various social media accounts

Conducting research for blog articles, book writing, and Cross Encounters Radio

Monitoring the chat room and occasionally co-hosting Cross Encounters Radio

Strategizing new ways to get the gospel to more people through the various Cross Encounters Ministries efforts

Providing me with counsel and accountability

Doing his very best to keep me out of trouble (his most daunting and time-consuming task)
I have no doubt that Rich will find a way to make the above list considerably longer.

Not only is Richard Story my right-hand man, but he is also a voice for the ministry. When Richard speaks in his capacity as Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries, he does so with my full support. Here's hoping the Lord's will is to allow Rich and I enjoy many years of ministry together.

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