Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pastor Tom Drion: Crying Out for Heralds

Yesterday, I received a very encouraging email from Tom Drion, pastor of GraceLife London. I've been to GraceLife London on multiple occasions and I've been blessed with the privilege of sitting under the teaching of pastors Tom Drion and Ross Orgill.

In the email, Pastor Drion (a contributor in my new book, Should She Preach?-Biblical Evangelism for Women) included a link to his most recent sermon, Crying Out for Heralds, which is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 1:23. During the sermon, Pastor Drion focused most of his attention on the first five words of the verse: "but we preach Christ crucified."

While all Christians who love the study, preaching, and teaching of God's Word will be edified by this message, this sermon is especially encouraging to heralds--men who announce, proclaim, and preach the gospel on the streets of this world. In the sermon, Pastor Drion gives a very solid, biblical definition of the Greek word kerusso (to preach). He also provides very interesting insight into the differences between an ambassador of Christ and a herald of Christ.

Crying Out for Heralds is a sermon preached from the heart (Pastor Drion regularly joins members of his flock on the streets to bring the gospel to Londoners) and built upon the firm foundation of good exposition. I highly recommend this sermon to all my brothers who serve Christ as heralds. It is an instructive and encouraging word from a pastor who supports the biblical practice of open-air preaching and those engaged therein.

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