Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maggie Is Not a Victim

This morning I engaged a 20-year-old girl named Maggie in conversation, as she approached the abortuary in Mission Hills, CA. Maggie has a four-month old daughter named Isabella. She wouldn't dream of killing Isabella.

Maggie was scared--scared to be the young, single mother of two children, scared to have an abortion, and scared because she professed to be a Christian and new what she was about to do was wrong. We talked for 15 minutes. She heard the law and the gospel. I pleaded with her, begged her not to go inside.

She had convinced herself that going inside the abortion clinic would further convince her she couldn't go through with it. I warned her that those inside the clinic, who only wanted her money and cared nothing for her, were very good at convincing young women to kill their children.

She asked for my phone number before she walked inside the abortuary. My friend (Don) and I prayed she would come back out.

She didn't come back out. She murdered her child. As sweet and young as Maggie is, she is not a victim.

This one broke my heart.

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