Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Street Evangelist Bio: Chris Sippley

Chris Sippley, who serves with JeremiahCry Ministries, is far and away one of my favorite open-air preachers, and one of my favorite people. I first met this young man in February 2010, when I was asked to speak during a leadership conference of large and long-established evangelism ministry. At the time, Chris was contemplating entering into full-time evangelistic ministry. Now, almost four years later, Chris and his family (his lovely wife, Paula, and their two amazing children, Nathaniel and Zoe) are serving the Lord, traveling throughout North America, living in a trailer, proclaiming the gospel to anyone and everyone who will hear.

Chris has also heralded the gospel in places like Scotland, Jamaica, and will soon preach the gospel in Belize.

In a day and age when so many Christians misunderstand and marginalize open-air preaching and open-air preachers, Chris Sippley serves Christ as a wonderful ambassador of not only the gospel, but also of the craft of open-air preaching--a craft as old and biblical as preaching itself.

Andy and Alex Osborne (two outstanding, young open-air preachers and budding film makers) have put together a wonderful profile video of Chris Sippley. Although I know Chris well, have gone to war with him on the streets, fighting for souls, have broken bread with him, prayed with him, and wept with him over the lost, this wonderfully produced video gives me even more appreciation for the gospel work Chris does and for the man of God into which the Lord continues to mold him.

I hope you will be as edified and blessed as I was when I watched this video -- Street Evangelist Bio: Chris Sippley.

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