Friday, December 6, 2013

Coming Soon! Classic Sermons

This is my home recording studio. It consists of a Porta-Booth Pro portable sound booth, a Blue Mic Yeti Pro microphone, with Blue Pop screen, Sony MDR-X10 headphones, and my laptop computer.

We put some feelers out via social media, in order to gauge interest in an idea we've been kicking around for some time: recording classic sermons. I've been told, more than once, that I have a face for radio. Trying to build upon that reality, we wondered if people would listen if I recorded sermons from great preachers of old--men like Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, the Puritans, and others. The response thus far has been surprisingly positive. So, we took a step of faith, purchased the equipment, and we're ready to go.

The first recordings will be a single, "Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God" (Jonathan Edwards), and an album, "Spurgeon 1" (five sermons by Charles Spurgeon). In the near future, I will record an audio version of my book, "Take Up The Shield."

Our plan is to release the single and the first album with the launch of the new Cross Encounters Ministries website. The website, tentatively scheduled to launch by Christmas, is being designed and built by Ken Cook and Chris Hamilton of Prepared Marketing. The "Classic Sermons" recordings will be available on the new Cross Encounters Ministries website.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more information about "Classic Sermons."

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