Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When the Holy Spirit Moves Upon a Man

This is Chris Carpenter. I first met Chris on the campus of UCLA when I was there preaching the gospel with Chris Sippley, Justin Edwards, Pastor Chuck O'Neal, and members of his church family.

Chris and quickly hit it off, and he would eventually ask if he could serve as my intern to fulfill his internship requirement for his final quarter of school.

We've only known each other for a couple months, but I already love Chris as a son. Our time of fellowship, discipleship, and ministry together is very important to me.

Today was the first time Chris had ever been to an abortuary. Today was also the first time Chris ever open-air preached. Chris's first open-air message was directed to an audience of one: Ed, the abortuary security guard.

Ed professes to be a Christian. He also claims to be an "armor bearer" (whatever that is) for his pastor, a man named Bishop Philip Powell. Ed has proven himself to be a wicked man and a false convert. His words, which proceed from the abundance of his depraved heart, and his actions reveal nothing but rotten fruit. He is self-deceived and self-absorbed. he calls evil good and good evil. He goes to church on Sunday, while serving as an armor bearer of Satan, as unborn children are sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

Ed is a member of The Centre at Highland Church. I verified this when I spoke to the church secretary/receptionist, Mabel. She said she knew Ed. None of the pastors/elders of the church have returned my calls.

Chris asked me if it would be all right if he tried to talk to Ed. Of course, I told Chris it was okay. What happened when Chris opened his mouth was nothing short of extraordinary. This is what happens when the Holy Spirit moves upon a man.


  1. Tony, that church is a standard Blasphemous Pentacostal church... Hence the belief in the continuance of tongues and apostles and other stuff thats a no-no

  2. Do you believe that the unborn have souls? If so, do you believe that those souls go to heaven if they are aborted? If they go to heaven, why is that a problem? This is a serious question, as I see a conflict in a belief in a literal eternal conscious hell with the idea of aborting a child, if that abortion guaranteed entry to heaven.

    1. Brother the problem is not for the unborn baby the problem is for the one who kill that innocent baby.


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