Thursday, January 1, 2015

How Can I Pray for You?

This picture was taken several years ago at a local park. While I cannot remember the young man's name, I remember the conversation. I saw him sitting on the bench, reading his Bible. I engaged him in conversation and learned that he was struggling. He grew up in church, but he knew he wasn't right with God. He was searching the Scriptures for answers. I shared the gospel with him and he made a profession of faith in Christ. Before I left him, I prayed for him.

Recently, I began asking people on Facebook and Twitter how I can pray for them. The response has been wonderful--so wonderful that it is already becoming difficult to gather all of the prayer requests, since I am collecting the prayer request from multiple online locations.

So, in an effort to collect all of the prayer requests in one place, I'm writing this post.

If I can petition the Lord on your behalf, through prayer, simply share your prayer request by leaving a comment on this post. If the prayer request is too personal to share publicly, please email me at

How can I pray for you?

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  1. Hi Tony! Could you pray that I might be reunited-- through the power of God's providence-- with someone I lost contact with many years ago? Actually, we parted as, I guess you can say, enemies. Could you pray that I might run into this person again, somehow, some way? I've been praying about it for a long time (off and on for 4 or 5 years actually, maybe even longer), and I don't know if God is saying "no" or "just be patient" with the request, considering I still have anxiety over it and still keep praying on it.

    She and I many years ago were in the Pelagian/Semi-Pelagian hell that is Charismania. Thankfully, I've since come out of it and have been taught the doctrines of grace, a great freeing thing. I used to be in continual despair because, unlike the others, I could never speak in tongues or have dreams and visions (they even sat there and told me-- just babble out! It'll be tongues!), and this lack I saw as possible evidence that I was not acceptable to God. What a heinous theology they teach that would produce such suffering! She also would sit on her knees for long long hours at a time just in prayer, and would complain about missing God's "opportunities" due to her lack of obedience. I don't know if she is still trapped in all of that stuff. I would like to find out, and to reconcile with her, and maybe teach her what I have learned if she still needs teaching.


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