Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Street Evangelist Bio: Robert Gray

The Osborne Brothers have produced yet another wonderful street evangelist biographical video. This one is about my dear friend, Robert Gray.

I first met Robert in 2009 when he attended the Ambassadors' Academy. I was immediately impressed with Robert's military bearing, quiet demeanor, love for Christ, love for the lost, and love for the Church. After 20 years of service as an Air Force officer and military law enforcement professional, Robert retired and soon set out to spend his life heralding the gospel of Jesus Christ, throughout the United States and around the world.

I am blessed beyond measure every time I get to spend time serving and fellowshipping with Robert. To pray with Robert is to be led into the Throne Room of Grace. Robert rarely draws attention to himself in a room full of people, but when he speaks he immediately commands the attention of others. A man of few words (unless he is preaching), Robert very rarely wastes his words on superfluous subjects or silly banter. When Robert speaks, I want to listen because I'm sure to learn something about manhood and Christian character.

Regarding his open-air preaching: Robert Gray is one of the very best. No one I know expresses love for Christ and love for the lost in the public square the way Robert does. At the same time, Robert preaches with command presence and fearlessness. Robert Gray is not only one of my favorite street preachers; he is also one of my favorite human beings.

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