Saturday, October 11, 2014

24 Thoughts About College Campus Ministry

This morning, between studying Greek and working on sermons, I shared some thoughts on Twitter regarding College Campus Ministry. Some were shared from the perspective of an observer, and others were shared from the prospective of how I engage in ministry on college campuses. I hope you will be both challenged and edified by what I shared. Here are the tweets.

1. Y can almost see neuro-transmitter misfires in college students' brains when you explain to them that Darwinism is not testable, observable, or repeatable.

2. I do my best (sometimes failing) to use as loving a fatherly tone as poss with college students, realizing their dads might not have been kind.

3. It's more important for me to establish rapport w/college campus administrators than it is to assert my right to be there. It's better to work within the system.

4. Presuppostional apologetics is a biblical and powerful evangelistic tool. It is also a dangerous weapon in the hands of the arrogant and immature evangelist.

5. Tragically, the way Friendship Evangelism is most commonly practiced is an illustration of James 2:1-4.

6. I don't play God's defense attorney in the unbeliever's blasphemous courtroom. NO ONE needs proof of God's existence (Rom 1:18-25).

7. I you "win" someone to Jesus through the presentation of evidence, they will walk away as soon as someone gives them "better" evidence.

8. What lost college students need vastly more than the friendship of Christian students is the love of Jesus, as communicated through the gospel.

9. It's cruel to crush a college student's godless worldview through presuppositional apologetics and not leave them with the hope of the gospel.

10. When I preach on college campuses, I begin by telling students that I'm raising my voice only to be heard, not because I'm angry with them.

11. When I open-air preach on college campuses, I begin by explaining to students that campus preachers like "Brother Jed" aren't Christians.

12. Sadly, there are times when the nastiest hecklers on college campuses are kids involved in campus ministry. They seek to build a kingdom without Jesus.

13. If a college student approaches me respectfully with genuine questions while I'm open-air preaching, I will stop preaching and talk to him/her.

14. There are LOTS of Christian students on secular college campus who long for biblical fellowship that they can't get from most campus ministries.....

15. preaching and tract distribution is not only about reaching the lost on college campuses, but also ministering to believers.

16. Sadly, some students involved in college ministries with the best theology, come across as unfriendly and unapproachable. Balance is necessary.

17. Sadly, many college ministries go no farther than assimilating into campus culture. And they call that successful ministry.

18. On college campuses, I talk to many students who, after a semester of "higher learning," have learned that they can't be certain of anything.

19. While on a college campus recently, I saw kids from a campus ministry dressed up as plastic cups and offering free sodas. Christ deserves better.

20. There are a lot of hurting young people on college campuses, and a steady diet of pizza and Foosball from Christian fellowships isn't the answer.

21. I love being a father, and I can't wait to be a grandpa. College campus ministry allows me to express that kind of love to lots of kids.

22. Kids on secular college campuses are not students. They're prey. They're prey to those wanting to indoctrinate them in godless worldviews.

23. One of the reasons why I love college campus ministry is because for many kids, including "churched" kids, it's the 1st time anyone has cared for their souls.

24. A student at UCLA asked me if, as a Christian, I'm against science. I explained that I LOVE science, for every observation testifies to God's glory.

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