Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's as Easy as Saying "Thank You"

Recently, I received this wonderfully encouraging message from a sweet young lady, on Facebook:
"Thank you for writing the 'Thank You' tracts, Papa Tony! They have been such an encouragement to me to keep sharing Gospel tracts! And they are generally very appreciated!

"Today God allowed me to give one to a security guard outside my credit union. When I came back out I saw him reading it. Left one for the teller too (all glory goes to God; I couldn't do it on my own). His name was Daniel. I do not know the name of the officer. Please say a prayer for them. Thanks."
One of the many things Ray Comfort taught me during the years I was blessed to work for him was never publish a gospel tract I wouldn't use myself. The "Thank You" gospel tract, one of the several I have now published with Marv Plementosh of One Million Tracts, is one of my favorite tracts. And it has to be the easiest tract to distribute. Distributing this tract is as easy as saying, "Thank you."

I've received notes from a number of people who are new to gospel tract distribution--people who would also describe themselves as shy. And each person has told me how this particular tract has made it so much easier for them to step outside of their comfort zones and to engage in biblical evangelism. I don't know if I can receive a better review of one of my gospel tracts than that.

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