Monday, August 13, 2012

Cross Encounters Radio: What People Are Saying

Last night was the premiere of Cross Encounters Radio.

For whatever reason, the Lord keeps me engaged in this medium of communication--radio.

During this run, I am blessed to have as my partner Chris Hohnholz, from Fernley, Nevada. Don't let the goofy look on his face fool you. In addition to enjoying clowning around, Chris is a graduate of the Ambassadors' Academy, a "Crosswalker," and a herald of the gospel in his community. Most importantly, Chris is a good friend.

Cross Encounters Radio will air every Sunday evening, 6-8 PM (PST). The show will focus on the glorification of Christ and the proclamation of His gospel. We will tackle current events and ongoing social issues through the lens of a Christian worldview. We will have guests on the program: authors, bloggers, apologists, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and whoever else we think would help Christians to grow in their love for Christ and the knowledge of His Word.

We won't shy away from hot-button topics, whether they are social or theological. And false teachers will not find our program a safe place to hide. We won't allow any elephants in the room.

Here's what people are saying about last night's show:

"It was a great show, Tony! Thanks for putting it together. Loved hearing y'all preach and the interactions you had over there. Such love, conviction, and genuine caring you & Bobby showed the world. Praise God!" ~ Dave

"Listened to the second part of the open air on the show, EXCELLENT! Excited about tuning in regularly." ~ Apryl

"First thing when I got home from church, I got my work out and listened while I worked. Great first show!" ~ Brad

"WOW! Praise God! Very encouraging program. I loved the open-air sessions. Can't wait til next program!" ~ Jamie

"Great programme. Enjoying listening to the recorded programme this morning. Your assesment of the uk is spot on . . . Thank you Tony for your continual encouragement Brother." ~ David

"Good show. I like that you're so up front in what you believe and what you stand for. Shamefully unashamed of the Gospel of God, nice! I will listen again." ~ Kyle

If you missed last night's show, no worries. You can listen, here.

Listen to internet radio with Cross Encounters on Blog Talk Radio

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